tropic nights

After dark, Tropical Pressure morphs into a sparkly wonderland, with evening adventures spread across 3 totally tropical and suitably steamy venues. Pick from the neon warehouse vibes of Fandangos, the trippy, chilled embrace of the Enchanted Dancehall, or the high-energy dancefloor of Madam Juju's. All playing host to top DJ's and sounds from across the globe...


Enter the fabulous world of Fandangos, the place for late night adventures after the sun goes down. Experience sound-system vibes with extra-special super-star DJ’s from around the globe. All with out of this world Tropical decor - Tropical dress-code is an essential! Out the back of Fandangos you’ll find the cosy Cocktail Yard. The best spot for a midnight Mojito.


In a galaxy far, far away lies a discotheque perpetually playing the in sound from way, way out. Few have the means, or knowledge, to reach it, but those who do rarely return. For but a few precious nights in our celestial calendar, when Aquarius rises in the west, and vibes are right, the crew of The Enchanted Dancehall load their leatherette upholstered space ship bedecked only in crushed purple velour to find a venue befitting of a journey back to planet earth. Find it with a few whispered words from those in the know, and miss it at your peril, The Enchanted Dancehall is a hidden venue that only comes to life when the stars align and the moon gives the signal.... bass is the place.


Silent Disco Tropical style. In a crazy colourful big top you will find DJ’s fighting for your aural attention between two tropical styles each night…