You’ll find an amazing selection of food traders in our World Food Market. And yes, you heard right, we are 100% Vegetarian. Why? Because we believe strongly that the future of our planet depends on us eating a lot less meat, and see Tropical Pressure as a chance to explore just some of the delicious alternatives from around the globe. We also think some of the most exciting, inspiring street food stalls in the UK right now are the Vegetarian ones.

Our traders offer great variety, from Nepalese curry to Salad Pots to Mexican Tortillas, with a strong focus on locally sourced, organic and fair trade produce.

Want to cook us your food at TP2020? Applications to trade will open in December…

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Drink wise, there are 7 bars, multiple coffee stations, two tea tents and a cocktail courtyard to keep you refreshed. We work with small, local suppliers wherever possible (no massive brand sponsors here) and have our own specially brewed Tropical beers and ciders on tap all weekend.