Tropical Pressure is committed to being as environmentally responsible as possible.


We have set ourselves the challenging but totally serious goal of being a Zero Waste festival by 2025, through adopting and designing all sorts of initatives that reduce our waste and impact to the lowest possible levels…but we can only do this with your help!

We need YOU, our festival family, to be more mindful of waste and impact in your preparations for our amazing 2019 event.

How Can You Help?

1) Before you head to the festival, have a think about what you could bring to have a positive impact on our Environment, and what you could leave at home to reduce any negative impact.

2) Fill in this short survey to help us plan various waste reducing initiatives across the site

How else do we look after our beautiful natural environmeNT?

  • We run reusable bar cup and ‘Mug Tree’ schemes, either bring your own or pay a small deposit for one of ours; we have banned plastic straws and there will be no plastic bottled drinks sold anywhere on site. If you have forgotten your own reusable bottle, you’ll be able to purchase one from our festival shop, Sprout.

  • We are committed to disposable free catering. We will be working with ‘LOOP’ this year. They are offering a hire option for reusable plates/cutlery and mugs - charging 50p per day hire alongside a £5 fully refundable deposit. Alternatively, you could bring your own. We are trialling it this year and hope to reduce our packaging waste by a third.

  • We are building a lovely new safe and sturdy Bike Store for those arriving at the festival by pedal power. If you come by push bike you’ll also get your first drink at the bar on us…

  • Our festival posters and flyers are all printed on 100% recycled paper using vegetable inks - and we only print what we need

  • Clothes swap – in the XR stall there will be a clothes swap open each afternoon, where people can trade in their own (good quality, clean) clothes for something new – total greenhouse gas emissions from textiles production are more than those of all international flights and maritime shipping combined, so encouraging reusing rather than buying new is an important environmental idea.

  • Print your own TP merchandise – inspired by Extinction Rebellion, this counter-consumer-culture idea means that people can block print onto their own clothes, creating totally unique pieces of TP merchandise without creating more clothes!

Look around you. It’s a wonderful world and we need to look after it.

Want to read more about our home, Mount Pleasant Eco Park?