Born in NYC, Nickodemus has been touring as a DJ all over the world since the mid 90s. As a producer, he has released three albums and remix albums as well as 10 seminal 'Turntables On the Hudson' compilations. As an experienced musical traveller, he excels when playing in versatile settings, letting space and time guide the musical journey.

His latest release, 'WONDERWORLD: 10 Years of Painting Outside The Lines' captures a decade of DIY productions and memorable releases on his own WONDERWHEEL Recordings label. Songs such as "Cleopatra in New York" (with Carol C) and "Mi Swing es Tropical" (With Quantic and Hector 'Tempo' Alomar) broke barriers in dance music and paved the way for global fusion artists, combining the heavy beats of club music with with organic Eastern and Tropical instrumentation.

"Incorporating Balkan, Puerto Rican, Indian, African, Brazilian and Jamaican sounds into one continuous barrage of bottom-heavy rhythms - 'Sun People' is easily one of the most danceable almbum of the decade" National Geo Music