Reunion Isles


Founded in 1999, Lindigo is one of the best bands to emerge from the new scenes of Reunion Island. With more than 1000 concerts and 6 album releases under their belt, Lindigo amaze audiences from around the globe with their explosive and stunning scenic representations.

Combining the Maloya’s instrumental tradition with Madagascarian polyphonies, the band disrupts the rules of this kind of music: rhythmic joining the one of the Trance style, lyrical arrangement “volt-face”, physical involvement, important personality of the singer, Lindigo follows the path of a very demanding musical performances, pushing their limits higher and further.

Lindigo is fronted by the charasmatic, Olivier Arasta, committed champion for continued development of ‘maloya’ – Reunion Island’s vibrant symbol of creole culture whose strident vocal calls, chanted responses and complex percussion rhythms originated with the slaves brought to work on the sugar plantations and became a weapon of resistance, banned until the 1980s.

Before going on stage Olivier always leaves in the dressing room an offering to his ancestors. At the heart of the trance, vigorously induced by his group and their frenzied rhythms played on the roulèr, the pikèr and kayamb, whirl the invited spirits of the ancestors, giving the band’s eight members energy, faith and courage.